IIUSE serves as an interdisciplinary research consortium  and as a platform for promoting and enhancing university-industry-government research. IIUSEs present organization  and facilities includes two major engineering research  centers, several state-of the-art laboratory facilities within  the School of Civil Engineering at Southeast University, and  one joint research center with a prominent university in Japan.


1) Fiber Reinforced Polymers /Composites, Durable  Structures and Structural Integrity
2) Energy Conserving Materials, Sustainable Environment  and Ecological Systems
3) Smart Sensing, Structural Health Management &  Intelligent Infrastructure  

4) Urban Safety, Reliability, Security, Loss Prevention and  Hazard Mitigation


IIUSE has its own management and support staff, as  well as its own research building and infrastructure,  including a 6000 square-meter state-of-the-art building with  highly advanced experimental facilities, equipment, and laboratories such as: fiber optics laboratory and  manufacturing, sustainable fiber production and  testing, composites and pultrusion, structural health  monitoring, sensors and sensing technology,  structural testing, advanced materials testing,  structural dynamics, fiber reinforced polymers  manufacturing and durability analysis labs, energy  storing materails, and others. IIUSE’s present  organization and facilities include two major  engineering research centers; Key National  Laboratory of Concrete and Pre-stressed Concrete  Structures, supported by the Ministry of Education,  and Basalt Fiber Manufacturing, Analysis and  Testing Laboratory. They also include several state of-the-art laboratory facilities within the School of  Civil Engineering as well as the following major  laboratories:

* Jinagsu Province Basalt Fiber & Composite  Engineering Center—IIUSE is the leader in Basalt  Fiber research in China.

* The Key National Laboratory of Concrete and  Pre-stressed Concrete Structures authorized and  founded by Ministry of Education in August 2000.

*Engineering Research Center for Built  Environment and Energy Conservation, of the  Ministry of Education of China.

*Advanced Composite R&D Center.

*China-Japan Energy Technologies R&D Center.

*China-Japan Structural Safety Laboratory.