The first International Basalt Fiber and Composites Conference (ICBFC-2019) successfully held


From November 16 to 18,2019, by the basalt fiber production and application technology of composite materials institute (FRP, IIFC), civil engineering composite materials branch, China chemical fiber industry association, China building materials industry planning institute and Hengshui high technology fiber research institute co-organized the first international basalt fiber and composite materials conference (ICBFC-2019) in our campus garden hotel.The meeting was chaired by Professor Wu Zhishen, deputy director of the school committee of SEU.

The  opening ceremony was chaired by the conference chairman, professor Zhishen Wu on 16th morning, , the President of Chongqing university, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Xuhong, academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Fengjun, national ministry of raw materials department XingTao deputy director, Du Xun, our school chief accountant, vice President of China chemical fiber industry association, vice director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Wang Yuping China textile industry federation, provincial association, deputy director, provincial association for science and technology, international civil engineering FRP institute Scott T Smith chairman, international journal Journal of Nat ural Fibers Ryszard Kozlowski editor, Ukraine national academy of sciences basalt fiber research center director professor Yuriy Chuvashov, Moscow state university professor Bogdan Lazoryak, professor Anil Patnaik from Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Italy and other 16 countries and regions of more than 350 experts and scholars and enterprise representatives attended. At the opening ceremony, Professor Ding Hui, the chief accountant of our school, and the president of the International Civil Engineering FRP Society, Professor S Professor cott T Smith delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers and the co-organizers respectively.

The conference held a total of 63 academic reports, including 34, the content of basalt fiber and its composite material production preparation technology, modification technology, performance evaluation and improvement technology, and in the automotive, ship, aerospace, civil / transportation, chemical engineering and energy application technology. The participating experts had a heated discussion on the production technology of basalt fiber pool kiln, fiber surface infiltrant modification, the preparation and evaluation technology of high-performance basalt fiber composite material, and the realization of structural long-life, lightweight, green recycling, radiation prevention, comprehensive environmental treatment and other aspects. International, at the age of 75 Professor Yuriy Chuvashov, director of the Basaltic Fiber Research Center of THE National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, commented that this conference is the meeting with the highest level of experts, the most widely covered and the best organized in the basalt fiber conferences he has experienced. At the same time, he believes that China's basalt fiber research and production technology, represented by the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Bastic Fiber Production and Application Technology of Southeast University, has reached the international advanced level, and partially reached the leading level. Many international authoritative experts and scholars expressed their hope to share in-depth cooperation with Professor Wu Zhishen team of our school intention. As the first global international academic exchange and industrial promotion conference in the field of basalt fiber and its composite materials, this conference has a milestone significance, and will certainly play an important role in promoting the rapid and healthy development of the basalt fiber industry. After the experts' heated discussion, unanimously suggested to apply for international association of basalt fiber and composite materials and basalt fiber and composite material industry alliance, aims to further strengthen the basalt fiber as the core of related research and development institutions, production enterprises and application units, promote basalt fiber industry technology innovation and communication, establish basalt fiber industry and its related industry Leading the development direction of basalt fiber, international standard formulation and industrial agglomeration.

On 18th , the basalt fiber production and application technology of national and local joint engineering research center and Hengshui city people's government hosted the first international (Hengshui) basalt fiber industry propulsion conference was successfully held in Hengshui hotel, Hengshui Wang Jingwu party secretary attended the meeting, more than 300 representatives at home and abroad attended the event. On December 19, accompanied by Professor Wu Zhishen of our school visited the Xiongan New Area Planning Museum and the Xiongan Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, and discussed the application of green basalt fiber materials with the Xiongan New Area Management Committee in the construction of the Xiongan New Area.

It is understood that basalt fiber is the key to the strategy of national economic development, with high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, green environmental protection, extensive characteristics of raw ore distribution, used in transportation infrastructure, lightweight building, green materials, chemical anticorrosion, Marine engineering and automotive ship power lightweight, and other fields, the market prospect is very broad. For a long time, it has been highly valued and strongly supported by the state, and has been listed in <Made in China 2025> Key Areas Technology roadmap, Catalogue of Key Products and Services of Strategic Emerging Industries by the National Development and Reform Commission, Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019) and Key New Materials by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The first batch of application demonstration guidance catalogue, and has been listed in the key support industry in many provinces and regions. Our school is one of the earliest units to start basalt fiber and its application in China, and has cooperated closely with the industry, and has made outstanding achievements in high-performance, stabilization, mass production and high-end of basalt fiber. As a supporting unit, the university established Jiangsu Basalt Fiber Production and Application Technology Engineering Research Center in 2007; In 2011, it was upgraded to the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, becoming the only national research platform in the field of basalt fiber. Now the engineering center has developed into the leader Domestic and international basalt fiber technology innovation, an important innovation platform to promote the transformation of applied research results. At present, the global basalt fiber has not reached the level of 100,000 tons, far from meeting the market demand, it is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the output of basalt fiber will reach more than 500,000 tons level, China will become one of the major production countries of basalt fiber in the world.