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Over the past two decades, due to their high strength, light weight, non-magnetic 

and non-corrosive properties and good fatigue endurance, fiber reinforced polymers 

(FRPs) have found increasing use as materials for a wide range of applications. Basalt 

fibers (BFs), as one of the newest types of fiber materials, have attracted increasing 

attention and usage due to their advantageous cost performance and environment-

friendly feature that make them comparable or superior to other fibers such as carbon 

fibers, or glass fibers. Nowadays, BF research, production and marketing efforts are 

principally based in some countries such as China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine. In 

addition, a series of research programs on BF have been conducted in the USA, South 

Korea, and some countries in EU (e.g., Austria and Germany) and Australia. Moreover, 

there has been a growth and emergence of a viable and respected community of 

research scientists, engineers, and industry who have contributed to the development 

of BFRP and its applications. More than 50 manufactures of BF have been established 

in China.

National and Local Unified Engineering Research Center for Basalt Fiber Production 

and Application Technology in Nanjing, China, which has been a pioneering and 

leading research and manufacturing center in BF technologies in China is initiating 

and hosting this conference. The conference aims at bringing together eminent 

scholars and researchers with long-range and broad vision in the field of BFs and 

BFRPs, who have carried out research in the manufacturing, evaluation, and 

advancement technologies of BFs and BFRPs, and the application technologies of BFs/

BFRPs in various fields such as automobile, ship, aerospace, and civil engineering/ 

transportation, chemical engineering, and energy, etc., from around the globe. 

Meanwhile, how to create a visible presence and voice for the BF research and 

development community will be discussed during this conference.

An academic conference will be held on November 16-17, 2019 in Nanjing, which 

has a prominent status in Chinese history and culture as the capital of China in six 

dynasties. Then, we will move to Xiongan New Area, which is oriented as a grand 

strategy crucial for a millennium to come. A post-conference industry forum

will be held on Nov 18 in Hengshui (southern gate of Xiongan). We will 

experience a city site-visit in Xiongan on Nov 19.

We look forward to your participation in the ICBFC-2019 and to welcoming you to 

Nanjing in November 2019.

Zhishen Wu, Conference Chair


International Institutefor Urban Systems Engineering/School of Civil Engineering

Southeast University








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